Turning two is just as big as turning one, for the simple fact is they know and can do a whole last more than last year but there are still so many more first times to come.
Remembering the days when Mummy and were one.
When you allow your child to just be and see where their curiouse minds take them, watch them learn with every step, touch and smell, it gives you an insight into what they are feelings and experiencing. It also allows for creative photos.
The wonders a curious minds holds
August in Spain, when it's so hot you need to strip down to your pants and just sit in-front of the window.
Mum and Daughter, some relaxed time, enjoying one anothers comapny while the Daughter creates a world on paper and mum colours in a pattern book.
A mother is not just a person who has children, she is the world to her youngest, a teacher to her children and the a guide to her teenagers.
Baking pancakes
Family reading, a time for an adventure for the mind and bonding of the hearts.

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